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Hey, I’m Jesse, VFX Instructor & Founder of RedefineFX

“Jesse is Changing the Tutorial Game”

– Chaos, Creators of V-Ray & Phoenix

What I Do: Concise, Project-Based, Quality VFX Training


I started RedefineFX in 2018 simply because I couldn’t find the kind of VFX training I was looking for – something concise that is not 100 hours long but still shows you the entire process and at end of each lesson, you walk away with a finished result that you can immediately use to enhance your portfolio and attract more clients. Importantly – concise does not mean “not in-depth” or “surface-level”. Concise simply means information-dense / focused / without all the fluff.

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RedefineFX is a high-end visual effects educational platform & a Chaosgroup Authorized Training center, teaching 3Ds Max, tyFlow, Phoenix, and more.

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“Jesse gets straight to the meat of the projects, while explaining not only what he’s doing, but why, so you’re not just mimicking but you’re learning as you go. Good stuff here.”

–  Russell Boebert, VFX artist at FuseFX, New York

Meet Your Guide

Jesse Pitela is an experienced 3D animation instructor & course creator. With 7+ flagship courses, 100+ quality tutorials, and 40,000+ YouTube Subscribers, his online training has helped thousands of students refine their portfolios and reels with high-end visuals, attract premium clientele, and advance their 3D animation career.

As a freelancer, he has worked on projects for 120+ clients worldwide, including LA-based VFX studios and global brands such as Western Digital, Cristiano Ronaldo’s ROC, Shutterstock, Snapchat, and many others. He’s an officially licensed Phoenix FD Instructor and an award-winning 3D artist. His work has been showcased by every major computer-graphics website in the world, including CGSociety. He’s a huge fan of the Dodge Hellcat & TV show Survivor.

His techniques for steadily attracting freelance clients are fully described in the Product Animation Masterclass.

A Note From Jesse: My Story

When I started freelancing I struggled & was desperately looking for a way to charge more. There were only so many clients I could manage simultaneously, and the only way out was to charge more per project. I needed to differentiate myself & offer something premium to my clients, and noticed that a lot of them mentioned my FX simulations (liquids, smoke, particles…) as the main thing that caught their attention. I saw the opportunity & doubled down on offering high-end 3D animation services mixed with Hollywood-style visual effects. This quickly allowed me to go from charging $300 per project to $5,000+ per project and beyond, scaling my freelance business to 6 figures and steadily growing from there year after year.

After 3 years of full-time freelancing and serving over a 100 clients, I decided to start RedefineFX and begin teaching everything I’ve learned along the way. I decided from the start I would be 100% transparent and honest about what it was really like to get here, the hard lessons learned & what it really took (such as learning about marketing, building a personal brand, a website that converts, and other things I never thought I’d have to care about as a 3D artist).

My goal with the training is simple: To break down complex FX setups into the simplest possible steps, and teach them concisely & effectively, without skipping anything important. I always remind myself that complete beginners might be watching before I start recording, and it is my greatest reward when I get DMs from you guys saying “this is so much simpler than I thought”. If you’d like to get a taste of my teaching style, check out any of my latest tutorials before taking the next step with the comprehensive courses.

Here’s a personal video I recorded where I share some very painful lessons I had to learn as a Freelance 3D Artist. To be honest, I expected it to get no views, but was pleasantly surprised by the amount of comments and reactions from so many of you, saying how you can relate to my story. If you’re new (or even a seasoned pro) freelancer, I hope you’ll find it helpful. Check it below:

“Short, precise, and most importantly inspiring. Jesse’s training helped me understand how to setup simulations & bring my work to the next level.”

– Andreas Mass, 3D Artist 

Learn tyFlow

Expand Your Knowledge of 3D Simulations with 55+ New Lessons Covering Every Major tyFlow Feature with the most popular course in the history of RedefineFX

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“tyFlow added a new dimension to my 3D work, and Jesse tackled explaining it with ease, in a clear & focused manner, leaving you able to bring your own ideas to life. “

– Martin Russell, 3D Artist & Managing Director at Assurgent Design

Learn Phoenix

RedefineFX is the world’s first Phoenix training center authorized by Chaos. In this course, you’ll learn to avoid common mistakes that will make your water simulations take forever to run and even longer to render, optimize your scenes & achieve impressive results fast. The course covers a variety of scenarios, including a submarine breach, 60-foot waterfall, mountain river and much much more.

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Become a 6-Figure Freelancer

This product rendering course covers not only my entire process of creating product CGI commercials for global brands, but also all of my exact marketing & freelance strategies that have steadily attracted remote clients my way for the last 4 years. Really it’s 2 courses packed together. 1st is the technical aspect, 2nd is how to freelance. 43 videos. Includes ultra-detailed smartphone model with all internal parts & lens assembly + lots more.

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What Students Say

“I randomly came across Jesse’s tutorials and immediately knew I could do the work based on what he was showing. His straight to the point explanations are easy to follow. The client was amazed by the simulations and has led to more projects and better portfolio material.”

– Jimm Wagner, Freelance 3D Artist

“Jesse’s training strikes the perfect balance between giving you the information you need to get the job done without getting bogged down in every little technical detail. The videos are concise, clear and in under twenty minutes you can hit render with confidence.”

– Alan Morse, Freelance 3D Artist

“I could have dug for years reading through documentation and searching all over for information but Jesse made it incredibly easy for me to follow along and learn each aspect of the software”

– Casey Balbontin, VFX Artist

“Last year I started my 3D career and came across RedefineFX’s courses and immediately fell in love. First I enrolled in the Beginner Liquid course and immediately knew I made the right choice. Easy to understand and easy to follow.”

– Kariakos Kaitezidis, RedefineFX Enrolled Student (in All Courses)

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