• Founder of RedefineFX teaching VFX to 50K subscribers
  • Featured in the Official Autodesk M&E Showreel 2023
  • Torque featured in Autodesk’s Oscars Commercial Campaign
  • Official Judge in The Rookie Awards 2023
  • Autodesk Excellence Award Winner 2022
  • Autodesk AREA Member of the Month 2022
  • First ever Chaos Phoenix Certified Instructor
  • Freelance 3D Artist (120+ clients served over 6 years)
  • Clients include: Dell, Hershey, Western Digital
  • Winner of Cebas VFX Challenge (2016)
  • Jury Prize for Best Trailer Award – Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival 2016
  • Winner – Best Short Action Film – Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 2016

Torque featured in the Official Autodesk Media & Entertainment Showreel 2023. At 0:55


“Jesse Pitela has got you covered with his easy-to-follow and breathtaking tutorials and examples that deep dive into Niagara Fluids”

 –  Unreal Engine Community Spotlight, Epic Games

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