Los Angeles-based Jesse Pitela 3D Animation Studio specializes in realistic product animations & full CGI commercials. We’ve combined product rendering with feature-film style visual effects to create unique content that helps ambitious brands build excitement on social media, fund kickstarter campaigns & engage more customers.

We have the capacity to create entirely CGI shots from start to finish, including 3D modeling, lighting, rendering & advanced simulation effects such as smoke, fire, liquids, and particles.

In this short reel of our latest work, we’re demonstrating some of our techniques of showing off a product, including stunning exploded views of internal parts, photorealistic close-ups, engaging effects such as smoke and liquid simulations & even destruction to effects to showcase a shockproof iPhone case.

We can work with CAD files (.step, .obj & others) provided by client, or create a detailed 3D model from scratch. 3D visualization is used by world’s leading consumer electronics companies, such as Apple, to showcase their products in a stunning way while demonstrating small details and product features which would be impossible or very expensive to shoot with a real camera. The possibilities are endless & the end product is unlike anything that could be achieved with standard videography, including exploded views & break-apart animations of internal parts, stunning cinematic shots, beautiful cinematography and so much more.