Created for Brasseler USA. Responsible for all shading, lighting, 3D animation, rendering, and post production.

Brasseler contacted me about creating an animation of their new dental drill series. They provided me with a great CAD 3D model which I then polished, added a few details around the head area and shaded the model based on photos provided by the client. A simple .pdf with main product features was provided, which I used as a guide for my general shot list and angles. Each shot highlights one of the many new features – for example, the small weight of the device is highlighted by making it rise up gracefully. I really focused on playing with the focus and shallow depth of field to guide the viewer’s eye to the most important features, and leaving the unimportant parts out of focus. Brasseler was very happy with the final animation and featured it across their social media channels. It now rests on the product pages for their dental instruments on their official website.