1.) Elevate your company status in the eyes of the consumer

3D Animation inherently has a high-end, technologically-advanced look and feel. If done well, it makes your products look more luxurious & premium. It sends the message that the company can afford marketing that looks expensive, and goes to great lengths to demonstrate its products to the consumer in a way that will leave a lasting impression.

2.) Showcase your products in a unique way

3D Product Animation allows you to get closer, see more, and capture your products in a way traditional real-world cameras never could. Fly around with no constraints of gravity. No cable management, setting up lights, crew, camera not working as expected and other problems that arise on a real set. The product itself will also always be flawless. No dust, no dirt or damage that might ruin the shot. Easily adjust virtual lighting to imitate real-life studio setups and add unique visual effects to increase engagement.

3.) Visually get across main features

What might take a paragraph of text or several images to explain, you can show in seconds as a 3D Animation. This is by far the greatest benefit of this technology – the ability to show in a clear way how the product works, what it does, how it solves a problem and why the customer needs it. Zoom in to show a small detail that makes your product different from the competition, then spin around to demonstrate how it fits into the overall product design. The possibilities are endless.

4.) Wow your audience with an exploded view / break apart animation

Sometimes the exterior of your product just doesn’t do justice to all the amazing engineering that’s going on on the inside. If only you could raise the curtain to reveal the interior assembly of parts, and technological advancements you’ve developed to make your product better than the competition. With 3D, you can. Exploded views are some of the most impressive of ways to give your customers a peak inside your engineering process, raise the perceived value of your product, justify it’s pricing point, and get across all of its advanced functionality. All while looking very, very cool.

5.) Dominate social media with high-end marketing content

Standing out on social media becomes much easier with an amazing must-watch video that is light years ahead of anything produced by the competition. A high-end 3D animation puts you in the same arena as Apple, Nike, and other massive brands that use CGI to sell their products to hundreds of millions of customers. It allows you to build an irresistible social feed and capture new audiences, all while elevating your brand image to new heights.

iPhoneX 3D product animation & water simulation. A personal project by Jesse Pitela.

6.) Eliminate budget costs of hiring an expensive production company

Production companies and creative agencies are expensive. And for a reason. A live action production requires more than one person to operate. They need to rent a studio, hire a crew, provide expensive camera gear, lights, digital storage, an editing suite, an editor, motion graphics artist, colorist, and other personnel to finally arrive at a finished video spot. And creative agencies? From personal experience I can say that they’re often just middle men between the client and the artist (myself). Creative houses often lack the in-house capacity to produce 3D animation so they hire sub-contractors such as myself to do the work, which only results in many more emails and inefficient communication.

7.) Effectively show various colors / finishes / variations

3D animation is hands down the best way to quickly show variations of your products, whether it’s different colors, metallic surfaces (for example), modular parts, premium models or limited edition looks. While the product is rotating in front of the customer, the colors can change, parts can fly in and out, size of display can enlarge and ports and can be added. All within seconds, all easily understandable and visually striking.

8.) Sell more products

It has been proven over and over that the better a customer understands a product, and can see it from all angles, the more likely they are to buy. Product 3D animation is such an amazing tool it’s no wonder Apple has been using it for years to launch their new iPhones and all of their other products. The ability to fly through a product to show its new advanced chip, and then fly out the other side to reveal a re-designed camera and slimmer design is something that simply cannot be beat with any other form of product demonstration.

9.) Amaze at Trade shows

I walked into South Hall at CES 2018 and first I saw was a giant screen at the Razer  booth, showing a 3D animation of their newest accessories. That’s when I knew that this technology is here to stay, and is only getting started. I have personally created 3D visuals for 2 companies that attended the trade show – WAFR and Hypercell and although I’m not objective, I must say that those companies on the showfloor that did have displays with engaging video content were much more attractive than booths with simply a printed banner of their product.

10.) Stay on top of the game

If you’re an entrepreneur that wants his/her company to be on top, than this is the top. High end 3D animation marketing is advancing every year and its golden years are still ahead. It remains the bleeding edge of high-tech product marketing and is used by the biggest players in the game.

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