Client: SHIFT

When Shift first contacted us, we had no idea that RevolCam was going to be such a success. After finishing their Kickstarter campaign video (which included many of the 3D animations we created), they went on to not only reach their crowdfunding goal of $50,000, but surpass it by a staggering 2400% to a total of $1,195,487 raised. The RevolCam went on to win the Innovation Award at CES 2018. You can look at their original campaign page here.

The campaign video is a mixture of live action shots with 3D animation spread throughout to better explain key features. The overall goal of the animation video was to tease the upcoming RevolCam and its edgeless design while highlighting the main features (revolvable lens, built-in detachable LED, clip-on function and so on).The solution? A ‘Dark Matter’ liquid morphs in the shape of the Revolcam which has a smooth design without any sharpness (like a liquid). Most importantly, Shift wanted to make the product look as high-end as possible. Beauty shots with shallow depth of field emphasize the beautiful and functional design while highlighting all of the main features.

iphone 3d rendering
liquid 3d animation
liquid simulation 3d animation
water 3d animation
exploded view product 3d rendering
iphone 3d animation