Photorealistic Product 3D Animation

b a s e d  i n  L o s  A n g e l e s


Get impossibly close. Show detail you’d normally never see. Light the product perfectly without limitations of the real world.

Jesse & his team helped us create beautiful videos of our entire product line. His work is detailed and accurately portrays reflective surfaces and the different finishes on our packaging. His turn around time was always prompt.

Daniel ShapiroCEO of Inhale Health

A Selection of Product 3D Rendering Animation Projects We Have Completed for Clients from Various Industries

Our portfolio includes consumer electronics, waterproof products, innovative vaping products & much more.

iKrusher Vslim Launch Trailer

This impactful animation for iKrusher combines product rendering with smoke simulations to present the Vslim in a visually engaging way while also highlighting its main features.

Respimat 3D Animation

This video was created in collaboration with Shuffle Media. We were responsible for all CGI, including advanced disintegration particle effects & exploded views of the internal parts.

Ballistic iPhoneX Case

This beautiful case features a hexagonal pattern within the body of the glass, as well as a gradient transitioning from a dark material to transparent. Both were fun challenges for us to tackle in this fast-paced promo for Spark by Ballistic Cases.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Smoke, destruction, liquids, reveals and more in this exciting launch trailer for Dr. Dabber.

Our Services

Exploded views

This will make them say “wow”. Works every time.

Break-apart animations

Educate the customer about what’s going on inside of your product

Liquid simulations

Amazing way to show water-resistant products, various liquids like oils, melted metals, chocolate, rain & much more

Smoke & Steam simulations

Think vaping products, exciting reveals, dry ice, clouds…

Stunning Beauty Shots

Photorealistic finishes, vibrant colors, crisp details.

Physically-based Studio Lighting

Fully customizable studio lighting for the perfect look & reflections.

Technical Explainers

Quickest way to show how a product works. Perfect for assembly walk-throughs or pointing out specific features.

Industrial Animation

We have the capacity to handle large-scale animations of machinery, oceans, ships & similar.


Our work has been displayed on the showfloor of various trade shows, including CES in Las Vegas.

trade show 3D animation

Founded by an Award-winning 3D Artist

Jesse Pitela is a Los Angeles-based award-winning 3D artist and filmmaker with over 10 years of CGI experience. His work has been showcased by every major computer-graphics website in the world, including CGSociety, as well as recently featured by Autodesk.



For satisfied clients all over the world

Advanced Visual Effects

Take the production value of your product launch to the next level with feature-film style CGI effects, including particles, destruction, assembly effects and more.

The Highest Production Value

Make your product look beautiful, functional, and valuable.

The best way to showcase a product

We can show your product in a way traditional videography never could. There are no laws in 3D space. No physics, no gravity. We can get closer, show detail like never before & light the scene perfectly. The result is imagery unlike anything that could be shot with a real camera.

Imagine a stunning animation like this playing on the main page of your website. What would that say about your brand? Words like sophisticated, premium, or professional come to mind. We can make that a reality faster than you think. On time & on budget. 

Jesse has beyond impressed us with his response time, speed of delivery and the quality of the final animation was exceptional. I can 100% recommend him

Wendy ShuCEO, Sage Milimeter
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