photorealistic water 3D animation, waterproof products, oils, coffee, paint & much more

b a s e d  i n  L o s  A n g e l e s

Product Water Splash – featured by Chaos Group (creators of liquid simulation software Phoenix FD)

We offer fluid simulations as a way to best showcase any product that deals with fluids – such as water resistant electronics

Fruit Splashes & Reveals for YouTheory

A series of fun fruit liquid simulations created for Youtheory and their line of supplements.

Yatra Waterproof Speaker

Perfect example here of using water 3D animation to visually get across that this speaker is waterproof without the need for any text or voiceover to drive the point home.

Liquid Reveal for Dr. Dabber’s SWITCH

Fluid effects can be a great way to reveal a product. In this example, the SWITCH is being born out of the dark liquid in a dramatic fashion.

Hydrocup Fluid Reveal

This is a part of a longer 3D animation we’ve created for Hydrocup using liquid simulations to explain how the bottle works in an engaging way.

Our Services

Exploded views

This will make them say “wow”. Works every time.

Break-apart animations

Educate the customer about what’s going on inside of your product

Liquid simulations

Amazing way to show water-resistant products, various liquids like oils, melted metals, chocolate, rain & much more

Smoke & Steam simulations

Think vaping products, exciting reveals, dry ice, clouds…

Stunning Beauty Shots

Photorealistic finishes, vibrant colors, crisp details.

Physically-based Studio Lighting

Fully customizable studio lighting for the perfect look & reflections.

Technical Explainers

Quickest way to show how a product works. Perfect for assembly walk-throughs or pointing out specific features.

Industrial Animation

We have the capacity to handle large-scale animations of machinery, oceans, ships & similar.

Founded by an Award-winning 3D Artist

Jesse Pitela is a Los Angeles-based award-winning 3D artist and filmmaker with over 10 years of CGI experience. His work has been showcased by every major computer-graphics website in the world, including CGSociety, as well as recently featured by Autodesk.



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